Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Faux sovereignty

More evidence it's not the real thing:

    British and American troops are to be granted immunity from prosecution in Iraq after the crucial 30 June handover, undermining claims that the new Iraqi government will have 'full sovereignty' over the state.

    Despite widespread ill-feeling about the abuse of prisoners by American forces and allegations of mistreatment by British troops, coalition forces will be protected from any legal action.

    They will only be subject to the domestic law of their home countries. Military sources have told The Observer that the question of immunity was central to obtaining military agreement on a new United Nations resolution on Iraq to be published by the middle of next month.
The troops will be given diplomatic immunity. What kind of deal is that? The creepy thing is that this "immunity was central".

More details emerge in the article. Under "Order 17", the military and contractors already had immunity and this will be a continuation of this immunity.

This may sound innocuous. However, the recent report put out by Amnesty International properly puts this development under a worrisome frame, considering they find the 'human rights climate worst in 50 years'


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